Secrets of Thinking

What is Thinking?

Bob Proctor describes Thinking as “A very powerful form of energy. Thought waves are cosmic waves that penetrate all time and space.”

To explain this better I should explain what I mean by the word “think.” We all have a mind that is capable of doing many things with thought being one of our six higher, cognitive mental faculties, all of which are:

Our reasoning faculty is the part of the mind that gives us the ability to engage in deep, creative thought and is one of the main factors that sets us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom.

In one of his plays Archibald MacLeish has a character say “The only thing about a man that is a man is his mind. Everything else you’ll find in a pig or horse.

All animals primarily act on instinct, whereas humans have the capacity to override instinct and think about what they should do in any given situation.

To actively engaged in true, meaningful thinking, we must first allow ourselves the opportunity to be in a clear, and focused state. Blocking out all other means of stimuli.

This is where the majority of us fail to make the distinction between true thinking and merely having our minds filled with whatever is going on around us.

Processing Information

In today’s high tech never stop world, it makes it increasingly hard to focus on our own internal thoughts.

Most of the time our minds are running onn auto pilot being influenced by what ever media is on in the background. It’s not just audible, our thinking is constantly being redirected by every sensory we have be it touch, smell, taste ect.

This causes our reasoning faculties to go dormant. We literally stop thinking and begin reacting to the external stimuli allowing it to dictate our focus and thoughts.

The most important thing we can do is turn off those outside interuptions, find a quiet place where we can alone with just our thoughts.

This is actually one of the most difficult things for us to do. As I mentioned before most people CAN NOT drive, sit in a car without having the radio on? This is how uncomfortable most of us are with our own thoughts. That’s spooky.

Ask yourself, how often do actually shut out the outside world and engage in critical thought?

What Can True Thought Achieve?

Taking control of our thoughts and guiding them in the direction that YOU intend to go is a skill set that we all posses.

Most either don’t except the responsibility of thinking for themselves or just simply refuse to do it.

If you do decide to take the Bull by the Horns, you will find that creating the environment you desire becomes easier.

This is because of what we learn in the Movie the Secret:

“Thoughts Become Things.”

Where are your thoughts directed?

Are you just DRIFTING aimlessly with no definiteness of purpose, letting others dictate your outcome in life?

You must stand up and take charge of your thoughts. Begin thinking about the life you desire and how you attend to make that a reality.

Remember, this all relies on you. You are the master of your thoughts.

Creative Thought

Think about all the successful people through out history. Whether it be Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, or Steve Jobs. They all have one thing in common with how they got to where they are THOUGHT.

Henry Ford was man of little means and when he started on his venture he had know idea how he was going to build the horseless carriage. He had no money, education or equipment. He did however have that ONE inspired thought. This one thought was all he needed to make his desire, his dream.

I hear this a lot and it makes me cringe every time I hear it. It’s interesting to note here that I only hear this from non successful people.

They were just lucky or being helped by other successful people or they stepped on others to get where they are.

For the record the overwhelming majority of successful people, built it all on their own with help from their mastermind group of course.

While there are some that inherited their wealth and position, you also hear a lot about these folks as well.

Let me set the record straight on that too. Those wealthy Families are a very, very small fraction of the wealthy not just here in America but around the globe as well.

The children of successful people are much more likely to fall into the trapping of DRIFTING.

The reason for this is simple they have no respect for the THOUGHT that went into making their Parents fortune.

If this is not caught soon enough, the drifting will soon lead them into hypnotic rhythm that will lead to drugs, alcohol and eventually into ruin.

To appreciate success in any area of life, it must be earned. To keep the earned success you need to put to use the mental faculty of reasoning and creative thought to build the necessary innovative ideas or plans that bring this about.

The only way to achieve this is too tune into thought processes that come from creative thinking.

You can do that by setting aside some “me time” in order to meditate, relax and still your mind to allow the creative process to percolate.

Practice Makes Perfect

It takes practice to achieve this ability, but everyone can do it if they choose to do it. For most people, the very idea of having to work at something soon loses its appeal and they just go back to their TV sets and newspapers and letting the world control their lives because it’s good enough for them.

If a mediocre, lackluster life is good enough for you, then that’s fine. You don’t need to do anything you’re not already doing to stay where you are!

But if you are unsatisfied with the way your life is right now and you want to change it for the better, you need to be prepared to put in the work to reap the rewards.

That means starting right now to learn how to control your thoughts and direct them to create your prosperity, happiness, health or whatever it is you want to improve upon.

Will you choose to embrace this “law” and harness the power of your own thinking capacity to create new ideas and innovations that will propel your life to the place you want it to be?

Change your mindset to create the positive life changes you need to build the world you truly desire.

Let me help. Learn more here:

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