Happiness Explained for Drifters

In today’s world. It is a struggle for most of us to keep our heads above water. let alone be happy.

Happiness is the normal state that we should all strive to be in. Being happy is what keeps us grounded and in the present.

So, why do people suffer?

The answer to this is simple. It’s just a misunderstanding of what the universe actually wants. I know that misunderstanding sounds pretty elementary, maybe even a bit silly, but is it really? Think about it. Most people who are unhappy, really have no idea why they are.

People who are caught in this hypnotic rhythm of unhappiness will attempt to lay blame on others, I refer to this as drifting. Drifters love to give alibis for why they’re unhappy.

Another favorite alibi you’ll hear a lot. “The System is stacked against me.” This couldn’t be farther from the truth. “The System” that they’re referring to is actually the UNIVERSE. Believe me, the universe really WANTS to work for you. The drifter just doesn’t understand what the universe is looking for.

What type of misunderstanding are we dealing with?

If there’s no willingness to truly understand the situation then the struggle is self inflicted and the drifter will fall into the clutches of hypnotic rhythm. This will cause one to never find happiness or have a harmonious life for sure.

On the flip side if you are Focused, Strong willed, and organized.

You WILL gain a foothold and the doors of opportunity WILL be blown off their hinges. This will happen because you TRULY UNDERSTAND what the universe desires of you.

How does one do this? Well, the first thing you should do is start being grateful for everything, I mean everything that is positive and stable in your life right now. This does two awesome things.

First it makes you realize that things may not be perfect but you’ve got people in your life that love and support you.

Second it makes you drill down on the things in your life that make you happy. This will help start to give you the desire to seek out more of those things.

The next thing I believe you should do is shift your mindset. Anyone who is suffering from a FIXED mindset has a difficult time moving forward. They’re stuck in this belief that this is the way it is and that’s that. Let me tell ya it’s NOT.

If you’re looking to change your stars and would like some help doing this. You should give these two amazing tools a shot.

I’ve designed a program that I call Quick Quirks Peculiar Behavioral Habits that Drive Success. This comprehensive course covers these 2 techniques and much, much more.

Break the chains of unhappiness. Get started today.

Quick Quirks (peculiarbehavioralhabitsthatdrivesuccess.com)



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