Everything We Need, Is Already Here

Eric Ardan
3 min readJan 27, 2021


The Law of Supply

“For most the difficulty is that it’s easier to look to the creature as the source of their substance than it is to the creator.” Bob Proctor

Before we get started here, I want to make this very clear. This is not a economics discussion on supply and demand. This is based on everything we ever need is in infinite supply by God (or the Universe.)

In order for the Law of supply to be needed there needs to be a demand. The nice thing is that this natural law of supply makes sure all the necessary things are already available.

Take one of my favorite American Icons Henry Ford. When he had the epiphany to build the worlds first automobile. The remarkable thing is everything needed was already here just waiting for a man like Mr. Ford who had the mental wherewithal to take those materials and build the worlds first automobile.

“Man will ever be poor as long as he demands of life a meager living and sees in it struggle, toil, hardship and limitation.” Raymond Holiwell.

In his book which is based on these natural laws. He talks about a dairy farmer that was having a terrible time on land that he thought to be barren.

One day while doing his chores the farmer happened upon a couple of guys surveying his neighbors land.

He noticed that they were spending a lot of time studying the strange slime covering the stream that ran through his land as well.

Confused he watched as they took samples of the water.

A couple of days later he received a phone call. The man on the other end of the line offered the poor farmer what he thought was an amazing price for his barren land.

The farmer, who was in a bad financial way jumped at the chance to unload his financial burden. After Selling, he moves to Canada and buys another farm.

Meanwhile back at the farmers old place, the new owners began setting up these strange looking machines. Just a few weeks later those new owners hit black gold, Texas tea, oil that is.

The poor farmer who sold, worked and toiled his new land only to continue to struggle and eventually died a poor and broken man.

Holiwell uses this story to show you that the Universe supplies us with what we need. Unfortunately, most are unaware and unable to tap into this natural law of supply keeping them in poverty.

Before we’re able to believe in abundance of good, we’ve got to then see and understand that everything comes from one infinite source of supply.

When we come to understand this, everything is going to change for us.

Nothing is created or destroyed. Everything is reused. Bob Proctor uses this example.

Stand outside holding an empty cup. If you wait there long enough clouds will begin to form, when they become heavy enough the clouds will fill the cup with water.

If you wait even longer, the sun will eventually appear evaporating the water causing the cycle to start all over again. Nothing is wasted everything is used

Remember we are in a constant state of motion. Everything has a purpose.

Right now, the world in the grips of what some call a global pandemic. Here in the states, I refer to it as a 2 state epidemic. But that’s actually an article for another time.

People are anxious, scared and a lot due to Government enforced lock downs are on the verge of losing everything they’ve worked for.

Add to that the media hysteria that bombards us daily with all the doom and gloom just adds to the anxiety and worry.

This is extremely detrimental to us. It limits our supply of abundance and prosperity.

The most important thing we can do in these types of scenarios is change our mindset from a worry poverty-consciousness to a positive abundance-consciousness.

That becomes much easier when you understand the Law of supply. Once we realize that the Universe, or bad governance isn’t limiting our supply. We are.

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